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Now more than ever, there is a rising call for creative new solutions required by a global economy where competition is intensified and budgets are constrained.
As a CPA and trusted ProAdvisor, I invest in opportunities that grow our professional service capability. My aim is to deliver quality advice through planning, directing and improving the decision making process. Since 2009, we have worked to organize relevant and reliable information for clients and focused on producing valuable insight. We work on a project-by-project basis with numerous clients ranging from blue collar workers to high-net worth individuals. By simplifying the capital management process, our client financial reports are enhanced and tax compliance is maintained. As a result, we are learning first hand how productivity growth can lead to an improvement in all of our lives and well-being.
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Dustin W. McQuillan, CPA


McQuillan and Company, P.A.

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We know how to enhance financial visibility so you can better organize, invest and grow value.

Practice Area

Organizing financial information with a focus on investment value.


  • CFO / controllership
  • Investment analysis
  • Planning & strategy


  • Process design
  • Research & development
  • Software implementation


  • Income tax compliance
  • Tax planning & analysis
  • Taxpayer representation


  • Sales & use tax compliance
  • Income tax compliance
  • Franchise tax compliance


  • Compilation / preparation
  • Discussion & analysis
  • Agreed-upon procedures


  • Organize / incorporate
  • Management accounting
  • Mergers & acquisitions


  • Bookkeeping & write-up
  • Budgeting & forecasting
  • Cash / accrual conversion


  • Income tax compliance
  • Gift tax compliance
  • Planning & analysis
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Accounting, Tax & Business Advisory

We are working to organize creative new solutions that save time and money.

Engage our professional resources that aim to enhance the decision making process and grow productivity. We work to deliver accurate, timely and reliable information on a project-by-project basis.  Our service fees are competitive when compared to current market rates and affordable for many small business owners.

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